Squeeze your way into a home’s attic or crawlspace and you’ll find yourself covered in a nice combination of spider webs, dirt, dust and more. We’ve spent plenty of time in these forgotten spaces, looking for the problems that make homeowners feel chilly during winter and uncomfortably hot during the summer.

Quick and Easy Ways You Can Save Energy at Home

You may not know it, but there are vampires in your home. Energy vampires that is. Computers, microwaves, cable boxes and other appliances that stay plugged in and suck electricity even when you aren’t using them.

Aside from a piping hot cup of Joe, there’s really nothing that compares to a warm, morning shower to get you ready for the day. But it’s not uncommon to cut that morning lather short as the water starts losing its fever and feels more like it’s being pumped straight from the Arctic.

See that dust building up on your nightstand? Well before you reach for a rag, you may want to make a run to the hardware store for a caulking gun and a new filter for your furnace and air conditioning system, as this build-up could be a sign your home has some energy efficiency troubles that are luckily pretty easy to solve.