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As we prepare for little ghouls and goblins who’ll come to our doors this Halloween, it’s important to remember that the true terrors may be lurking inside your home -- just overhead -- ready to suck you (and your wallet) dry.

See that dust building up on your nightstand? Well before you reach for a rag, you may want to make a run to the hardware store for a caulking gun and a new filter for your furnace and air conditioning system, as this build-up could be a sign your home has some energy efficiency troubles that are luckily pretty easy to solve.

With Earth Day festivals getting bigger and bigger, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. Details on the latest wind farm technology are all over, and reusable shopping bags are at nearly every booth – yours for the taking. April is a celebration of all things conservation, but don’t forget that with a few simple steps, you can be thinking “Green” all year.

Central Coast, CA, Dec. 17, 2015 – It’s that time of year again to grab some eggnog and relax with friends and family as the year winds to a close. And luckily, making that extra effort to continue doing something good for the environment doesn’t mean you have to be a Grinch. Here are five tips to make this one jolly and green holiday season. Light up the candles - Create festive warmth in the room with candles that will add a warm glow at your next gathering. Even better are LED candles, which last much longer than their wax counterparts that need to be frequently replaced. Use LED Christmas
Easy ways to help the environment without skimping on holiday fun Ventura County, Nov. 16, 2015 – From gobbling down turkey to bathing the mashed potatoes in gravy, we all have our Thanksgiving traditions we. As you’re preparing for the big evening around the table or finalizing travel plans, why not introduce some new traditions that show how grateful you are for the beautiful community we live in. Eat local and organic. It’s hard to beat fruits and vegetables from Ventura County farmers. And buying from them also minimizes our carbon footprint and fossil fuels used for shipping, as well as


Find out what rebates are available for your energy efficiency projects.