Easy ways to earn big energy savings as you celebrate the season Santa Barbara, CA, December 2014 — Being conscious of your home’s energy efficiency this holiday season doesn’t mean being a “Scrooge.” In fact, following these six simple energy tips could help lower utility bills and free up some cash for extra holiday goodies. Choose LED holiday lights. LED holiday lights use 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent sets, are more shatter resistant and can last as many as 40 holiday seasons, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. As many as 25 strings of LED lights can be
San Luis Obispo County, Calif., Oct. 19, 2017 – With the nation celebrating Energy Action Month, October marks a time of year to consider how we use our resources and find ways to use them even more efficiently. In recognition of Energy Action Month, empower Central Coast’s Energy Coaches are sharing some of their top thoughts on making your home as efficient as possible. As part of their role at the county-operated emPower energy efficiency program, Energy Coaches regularly provide free, voluntary home site consultations to look out for energy efficiency issues that are wasting resources and
Central Coast, CA, Aug. 17, 2015 — It’s time once again to fire up the grill as we savor that final taste of summer this Labor Day. And believe it or not, this holiday is also the perfect chance to do something good for the environment and conserve those precious resources, all without sacrificing any Labor Day fun. The County’s emPower program suggests five ways to save energy (and energy costs), and other resources while enjoying and entertaining throughout the Labor Day holiday. Keep it local Spending some time outdoors is a no brainer this Sept. 7, but the beauty of living on the Central
Listen to local homeowner Alelia talk about her experience with having a home energy site visit with Energy Coach Jason. The Energy Coach service is a free resource provided by the emPower Central Coast program. emPower is operated jointly by the Counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo
Kathy and Joe talk about their experience with one of emPower's Energy Coaches and how who helped them learn about how to improve the efficiency of their home.
Listen to the Johnson’s discuss how having a Home Energy Assessment helped them determine that their home wasn’t as healthy as they thought.
The Johnsons talk about the importance of making their home more energy efficient before installing solar and the financial benefits to making upgrades
A great spot highlighting emPowerSBC courtesy of Patti Piburn of KCOY Television
emPowerSBC financing is available to single family homeowners within Santa Barbara County, including all eights cities and the unincoporated area. Homeowners can choose from one of two Energy Upgrade CA packages and can also add solar projects to either package.
Is your home too cold, too hot, or too drafty? Are your energy bills through the roof? Are you frustrated by older features in your home? emPowerSBC has the solution for you! Santa Barbara County is a beautiful place to live, shouldn't you enjoy the indoors as much as the outdoors? Through a partnership with our private lending partners, CoastHills Federal Credit Union and Ventura County Credit Union, the emPowerSBC program provides low cost financing to assist homeowners in making home energy upgrades.
Right now is the time for licensed contractors to get on the emPowerSBC contractor list and gain access to thousands of Santa Barbara County homeowners who want home energy upgrades. Qualified local contractors who sign a participation agreement with emPowerSBC will be added to our list of eligible contractors who are needed to complete energy upgrades for single family homeowners through our program. For more information on how to become qualified to participate in projects financed by emPowerSBC, please call emPowerSBC staff at (805) 568-3566.
Energy Coach Javier shares tips on bedroom wall insulation. Have a question for Javier? #AskEmPower in the comments!
Energy Coach Javier gives advice on using ceiling fans as cooling systems in the bedroom. Have a question for Javier? #AskEmPower in the comments!