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Thank you for your interest in emPowerSBC. We look forward to working with you to help make cost-effective, energy upgrades to your home that you and your family will love!

There are steps you must take before you can qualify for an emPowerSBC loan. Click here for an overview of our four step application process. Click here to track your progress through the four steps.

If you’ve already selected a participating contractor and they have received approval to proceed from an eligible energy efficiency program (and California Solar Initiative, if applicable), you are ready to submit a loan application to one of two lenders, based on your zip code - To determine which leading institution serves your neighborhood, please enter your zip code in the blue box.

The following documents are required to be submitted with your loan application:

  • Contractor bid proposal(s) and scope of work for the upgrades intended to be installed and financed by emPowerSBC.
  • A letter verifying your project’s enrollment in the selected incentive program.  Your proposal and scope of work should only include upgrades deemed eligible under an eligible energy efficiency rebate program (and California Solar Initiative Reservation Confirmation, if solar projects are included in loan application).

Based upon underwriting criteria and eligibility, you will receive a conditional pre-approval letter for financing within 24-48 hours of submitting a complete loan application.  All documents required of the lender and emPowerSBC must be submitted with your loan application.  Once you receive pre-approval, you and your contractor should start your upgrade project.